Scan If FoundTM
Scan If FoundTM

Save Lives & Property

Register for free and apply your decal to any and all your marine equipment such as: dive floats, kayaks, canoes, surf/sup boards, paddles, and dinghies, etc.

It's FREE!

In the event that the item is swept out to sea, shipwrecked, or otherwise lost, a scan of the decal will report your item found and help reunite you with your property.

Pick up your FREE “Scan If Found” stickers at some of these local Hawai'i spots:

POP (Pacific Ocean Products), Honolulu
West Marine, Honolulu
Surf N Sea, Haleiwa

Maui Sporting Goods, Wailuku
Adventure Sports Maui, Kahului
Kanaha Kai Maui, Kahului

For a complete list, click here.


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